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Synthetic Grass Dog Runs

Both Dogs and People Love Artificial Grass

You can make your yard into the perfect place for your pets at home with our artificial grass. It provides a safe environment that is soft and easy on their paws, all while being easy to clean after your pets have done their business. Our artificial grass is lead-free, flame-resistant, non-toxic, durable for heavy use, and looks great. You will never have to worry about mud or yellow spots ever again!

For dog owners, a dog running area is the perfect place for your four-legged friend to have fun.  Being incredibly durable and easy to clean, artificial grass is a great solution for your pets running area. Whether you share a lawn with your pets or just want to provide your dogs with a beautiful and clean space to play outdoors, a dog run made with artificial grass will provide a great environment for dogs, cats and other pets a safe outdoor space to play.

Not Just for Houses

Artificial grass for dog running areas have become so popular they are being used everywhere.

  • Commercial locations
  • Dog kennels
  • Dog day care facilities
  • Pet kennels
  • Public parks
  • Residential locations
  • Roof top buildings
  • Veterinary clinics
  • And More!

If you want to provide your dog with a safe, clean and green artificial lawn to play on Contact SoCal Turf Pros to get started.

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