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Artificial Grass

Commercial Artificial Grass

If you’re a general contractor or a sub-contractor, SoCal Turf Pros knows how to adhere to job site rules and is experienced with the challenges that come with any project no matter how large or small. When selecting artificial grass for your commercial project, it requires special attention to detail and requires proficiency in design, logistics and scheduling from the beginning to end of a project.  Our experts have the experience working across multiple jobsites, which allows us to complete the job on time, within budget, and safe.

Experienced Experts to Help Get the Job Done Right

Our team is full of artificial grass experts who have done hundreds of projects ranging from large applications like football fields, all the way down to the smallest 10 square foot product display.  We maintain strict guidelines for maintaining safety and adhering to building codes during construction.  SoCal Turf Pros has the proper equipment, training, knowledge to install your artificial grass quickly and efficiently.

Always to Spec

SoCal Turf Pros will provide all of the information that will be necessary to meet the engineering specifications defined by your project. We have all the proper documentation from third party testing labs and manufacturers. We have the ability to work directly alongside architects, engineers, contractors and the owners to find solutions to any problematic areas.  By choosing SoCal Turf Pros for your artificial grass needs, you gain access to an experienced and proficient team that commits ourselves to every project.  Contact SoCal Turf Pros today to learn more!

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